Axel Vogelmann

GERMANY – Frauenwaldstr. 6a, D-82383 Hohenpeißenberg, T.: +49 (0) 8805-954681


post-production facilities

3 years post-production supervisor at ARRI München, laboratory, sound department, ARRI TV

1 year post-production supervisor at Bavaria Film Geiselgasteig, Produktion "Marienhof"


freelancer since 1998

Has been working as post-production supervisor for cinema features and TV-dramas for many film production companies

e.g.: for Oscar Winner 2002 "Nowhere In Africa" directed by Caroline Link



Laboratory, video, vfx, digital lab, sound-design, adr, dubbing, re-recording etc...

Extensive knowledge of all financial, technical and organizational issues concerning each working step of film post-production

Extensive knowledge of German post-production facilities

Excellent people skills, communicates and works well with both clients and staff.

Proficient in the use of Pro-Tools (sound-designer)

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film credits